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Below are US patents and patent applications on varieties of Nunhems B.V. The protection of a U.S. Patent and patent application covers all the material and information described in the claims.

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Application Title Commercial name of varietyPublication NoUS Patent No

Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 4006 ARSymphonyUS20110067142 8575430
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 4021 AROperaUS201100725368648233
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 4060 AR SamboUS201202271228669420
Hybrid Artichoke variety NUN 04325 ARGreen queenUS201400532929398748

Hybrid carrot variety PURPLE ELITEPurple eliteUS20130305401 9000266
Hybrid carrot variety PURPLE SNAXPurple snaxUS201303054039012724
Hybrid carrot variety RebelRebelUS201303054028952220
Hybrid carrot variety TROOPERTrooperUS201302392429131650
Hybrid carrot variety SLENDERCUTSlendercutUS201302472419012725
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 89141 Snow manUS201303054048962923
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85180HossUS201302633059480211
Carrot plants with a high anthocyanin levelNUN 89682 CACUS20140245471
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85190BulldogUS201401737729060476
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85021 CACEaglepakUS201401820079006516
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 85931 CACNUN 85931 CACUS201402454739107356
Hybrid carrot variety NUN 89849 CACRuby queenUS201502015739480212
New carrot variety NUN 85933 CACNUN 85933 CACUS20170142921

New Cucumber variety NUN 55507 CUP MARCIALUS201300400398847022
Cucumber variety NUN 5545 CUPLoganUS201300742039234207
New cucumber variety NUN 53007 CUPNQ5007US20140317770
Cucumber variety NUN 52007 CUP Tacana US20150181825
Cucumber variety NUN 55513 CUP ProlixUS20150181826
Cucumber variety NUN 53016 CUPV 5016 US20150181827
Cucumber variety NUN 43003 CULSepireUS2016007550
Cucumber variety NUN 53019 CUPNUN 53019 CUPUS2016021840
Cucumber variety NUN 53028 CUP NUN 53028 CUP US20170079230
Cucumber variety NUN 53025 CUP NUN 53025 CUP US20170086403
Cucumber variety NUN 53031 CUP NUN 53031 CUP US20170079231

Leek variety Nun 08412NuntonUS201302027759179637
Leek variety NUN 10401 LELChieftonUS 20170332596

Lettuce variety SALMON SalmonUS201201445138735662
Lettuce Variety RedglaceRedglaceUS201200965788785729
Lettuce variety intredIntred US201201373838754293
Lettuce variety NUN 09050 LTL Multigreen 50US201402898839380756
Lettuce variety NUN 09055 LTL Multired 55US201201445178796512
Lettuce variety MULTIRED 54Multired 54US201202079119210910
Lettuce variety Multigreen 60Multigreen 60US201301455049144223
New lettuce variety NUN 09051NitaflashUS201302195459439386
Lettuce variety multigreen 57 ltlMultigreen 57US201302195449198395
Lettuce variety NUN 06075 LTLLuminousUS201302472449198396
Lettuce variety NUN 06524 LTLCrispolUS20152720779491923
Lettuce variety NUN 06109 LTLCopious US20150313171
Lettuce variety NUN 09070 LTL SKrunch red 70US201503200049426965
Lettuce variety NUN 00142 LTLMejiaUS2016316708
Lettuce variety NUN 06117 LTLViciousUS20160295826
Lettuce variety NUN 09085 LTL GreenflashUS2016316709 9756829

New melon variety NUN 1101Sunny DeeUS201203117318742209
New melon variety NUN 01307NUN 01307 MEUS201203153718816161
New melon variety nun 02602 me GaribaldiUS201300649598859861
New melon variety NUN 26171 MEMSense 171US201401092519185858
New melon variety NUN 26181 MEMSense 181 US201401233339210849
New melon variety NUN 26191 MEMSense 191 US201401092529185859
Melon variety NUN 35007 MEMCrispy pearUS201501435729516826
Melon variety NUN 89000 MEMSalgariUS20150156979
Melon variety NUN 21267 MEMSilverockUS201501569809516827
Melon variety NUN 26357 MEMSweet eastUS201501569819516828
Melon variety NUN 26147 MEMDurawestUS2016073603
Melon variety NUN 16121 MEMZieloUS2016157451
Melon variety NUN 36221 MEMZerpentinoUS2016150751
Melon variety NUN 26137 MEMMaxi EastUS20160198668
Melon variety NUN 31017 MEMSilverballUS2017042107
Melon variety NUN 71504 MEM Crispy frostUS20170064917
Melon variety NUN 22521 MEM SunglowUS20170105375

New onion variety NUN 03010SofireUS201301800029516851
Onion variety DULCIANA DulcianaUS201400072749591816
Onion variety NUN 2002 ON NUN 2002 ON US201503199489578821
Onion variety NUN 08003 ON8003ON, RheaUS20160736049516825
Onion variety NUN 17210 ONLS7210US20161282908816155
Onion variety NUN 07206 ON AirosoUS20170142922

Pepper variety NUN 70030 PPHEmperadorUS20150059012
Pepper variety NUN 70038 PPHFundadorUS20150059013
Pepper varieties NUN 70041 PPH, NUN 70042 PPH and NUN 70039 PPHNUN 70041 PPH, NUN 70042 PPH, NUN 70039 PPHUS2017245447

Hybrid spinach variety ANDROMEDAAndromedaUS20120222147 8563807
Spinach hybrid variety CALLISTOCallistoUS20130254914

New tomato variety EnhancerEnhancerUS201400333419173357
New tomato variety N 6407N 6407US201401092539480213
New tomato variety N 6416N 6416US201401092549480214
Tomato variety N 6410N 6410US201401501309480215
Tomato variety N 6415N 6415US201403565159480216
Tomato variety N 6420N 6420US201403565169480217
New tomato variety NUN 09015 TOFNUN 09015 US201500748399474221
New tomato variety NUN 00203 TOPN6412US20150082473
New tomato variety NUN 09068 TOFDirectionUS2015366153
New tomato variety NUN 09085 TOFNUN 09085 US2017006792
New tomato variety NUN 00241 TOPN6428US20170035015
Tomato variety NUN 09168 TOFNUN 09168 TOFUS20170099796
Tomato variety NUN 00239 TOP N 6426US20170105374
Tomato variety Nun 00241 TOPN 6428US20170035015
Tomato variety Nun 00242 TOPN 6429US20170079229
Tomato variety Nun 00261 TOPN 6434US20170099797
Tomato variety Nun 00263 TOPN 6436US20170099798
Tomato variety NUN 09157 TOFNUN 09157 TOFUS20170112084
Tomato variety NUN 09158 TOFNUN 09158 TOFUS20170118937
New tomato variety NUN 00206 TOP NUN 00206 TOP US2017127634

Watermelon Variety NUN 01009 WMWWarriorUS20130180017 9408354
New watermelon variety NUN 7201 WMWStellarUS201501109449575312
Watermelon Variety NUN 05506 WMW Star gemUS2015245572
Watermelon Variety NUN 05508 WMW Sun gemUS2015245573
Watermelon Variety NUN 31311 WMW NUN 31311 WMW US2015245574
Dual Purpose Pollenizer WatermelonsNUN 11204 WMW (WH9716)US20140020139US9763399
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